Sep 2017 11

From the mind that gave us Cryogen Second and Becoming the Devourer comes FIRES, a new excursion into catchy melodic dance hooks and shrill industrial textures; Eric Sochocki speaks with ReGen about his newest musical output.


An InterView with Eric Sochocki of FIRES

Sep 2017 07

Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD – 08/17/2017


With two Gold albums and several hit singles that dominated radio and MTV in the late ’90s, Stabbing Westward holds a special place in the memories of many an industrial and alternative rock fan from that era. Vulnerability and aggression in equal doses, the band’s songs played as soundtrack to all the heartache and turmoil of anyone who felt the weight of emotional collapse. Since disbanding in 2002, the band members had gone on to other creative pursuits, with keyboardist Walter Flakus joining vocalist Christopher Hall’s band The Dreaming in 2015. In 2016, with the return of guitarist Marcus Eliopulos and touring drummer Johnny Haro, Stabbing Westward’s spark had been reignited [..]

Sep 2017 05

New Australian/U.S.A. duo 11 Grams releases first single from upcoming debut
11 Grams - Panacea11 Grams – the new EBM duo of Australia’s Simeon Fitzpatrick (Project K11, Adelaide) and Rob Early (Retrogramme) from the U.S.A. – has unveiled the music video for “Machine Malfunction,” the first single from the band’s upcoming debut. Panacea features artwork by Vlad McNeally of KallistiDesign and contains 12 tracks, including remixes by Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect), Xavier Swafford (3TEETH) [..]

Sep 2017 04

At the forefront of the ’90s alternative and industrial/rock scene was Stabbing Westward; now after a long absence, the band has reunited for a series of shows and festival dates. ReGen discusses with keyboardist Walter Flakus headlining ColdWaves, industrial music, and reviving Stabbing Westward.
Stabbing Westward


An InterView with Walter Flakus of Stabbing Westward

Sep 2017 04

Mortiis offers free charity singleNorwegian industrial/metal goblin Mortiis, in collaboration with Side-Line Magazine, is now offering the latest single from his 2016 opus The Great Deceiver for free via Bandcamp. “Too Little Too Late” is now available as a charity single, part of series of singles the prominent electro/indusrial publication will be releasing to support several charity projects. [..]

Sep 2017 01

Throbbing Gristle celebrates 40 years with reissued discography
Throbbing Gristle and Mute Records have announced a series of reissues in honor of the 40 year anniversary of the debut album, The Second Annual Report on November 3. Limited edition vinyl and double CD versions of The Second Annual Report in white vinyl and the original packaging will be released alongside 20 Jazz Funk Greats in green vinyl and a double red vinyl edition of The Taste Of TG: A Beginner’s Guide to Throbbing Gristle. This is the first time The Taste Of TG: A Beginner’s Guide to Throbbing Gristle has been released on vinyl, and features an updated tracklist [..]

Aug 2017 31

Lord of the Lost releases new music video from upcoming orchestral album
Lord of the Lost has unveiled the music video for “Lighthouse” from the upcoming album Swan Songs II, the Hamburg dark rock band’s first release with Napalm Records. This marks the second release from the album, following the lyric video for “Waiting for You to Die,” showcasing the band’s dynamic blend of industrial/rock and metal with heavy classical arrangements and orchestrations [..]

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