Feb 2019 14

Signing to Metropolis, French coldwave and noise/rock act FTR makes waves and breaks hearts in this special InterView that includes an exclusive stream of the new album, Manners, a day ahead of its release.


An InterView with Pauline CP of FTR

Feb 2019 13

Repairer of Reputations - The Night OceanRepairer of Reputations
Category: Dark Ambient / Experimental
Album: The Night Ocean
Blurb: The monolithic tides of “imagined futures that never arrived” come to pass in this album from Repairer of Reputations, giving voice to the varying moods of the weird fiction literary genre.


Feb 2019 13

ACTORS - It Will Come to YouACTORS
Category: Gothic / Rock / Electronic
Album: It Will Come to You
Blurb: A striking album of electrified post-punk and goth/rock that is sure to send many a listener back to the 1980s, looking forward to a brighter future.


Feb 2019 13

GosT to tour North America with Perturbator
GosT – the synthwave/slasher project of producer Baalberith – has announced that he will be the embarking on a tour of North America with Perturbator. Beginning on April 24 in Dallas, TX, and concluding on May 19 in Tampa, FL, the tour will then be followed by several European festival appearances [..]

Feb 2019 13

Skum Love releases new single, announces live dates
To coincide with the band’s annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Party, provocative Hollywood industrial/metal act Skum Love has released the Re-imagined Mix of “Devil May Dance,” a remix of 2018’s “Devil May Sing” single. Created by Roman Marisak (Professional Murder Music, SpaceTime) and mastered by Alex Crescioni for Stygian Sound [..]

Feb 2019 12

One of the darkwave scene’s best kept secrets, Autumn has returned with great aplomb with a newly lit fire. ReGen Magazine speaks with the Minneapolis trio about their history and resurrection.


An InterView with Julie Plante, Jeff Leyda, and Neil McKay of Autumn

Feb 2019 11

William Zimmerman speaks with Chicago industrial artist I Ya Toyah about her background and the culmination of her debut full-length album, Code Blue, with a few hints about what is yet to come.


An InterView with I Ya Toyah

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