Aug 2014 21

Die So Fluid announces tour dates, releases new music videoL.A./London goth/rock power trio Die So Fluid has announced a tour of Finland spanning five dates. The tour kicks off on September 3 in Tampere, wrapping up in Lahti on September 7. In additional news, the band has unveiled the music video for “Landslides,” the latest release from the band’s current album, The Opposites of Light. [..]

Aug 2014 19

IAMX announces exclusive October performancesFollowing a year-long personal hiatus, IAMX will return to live performance for four Sunday shows in October, exclusively at Complex in Glendale, California. “I felt it was time to get back on stage to experiment with my music and to present it in a more intimate setting,” says Chris Corner, who took the majority of 2013 and 2014 off due to chronic insomnia. “Large scale touring and mechanically making records for so long under so much self-inflicted stress led to me to a revelation last year,” he continues [..]

Aug 2014 18

Heimatærde announces next albumMedieval industrial act Heimatærde will release its sixth album, Kaltwærts, on August 29 through Out of Line Music. The album comes in regular and limited edition box set formata, featuring a two-disc version, rosary, postcards, Heimatærde flag, and a German language audiobook retelling the Kaltwærts story. [..]

Aug 2014 18

Chrysalide announces third albumFrench noise/industrial act Chrysalide has announced its third album, Personal Revolutions, for release on October 10 through Dependent Records. Collecting 14 tracks, the album will also be available in a “Rise” edition format, limited to 500 copies [..]

Aug 2014 18

Youth Code announces new collective releaseYouth Code has announced the release of An Overture, a re-issuing of its discography-to-date, through Dais on October 7. An Overture acts as both a reintroduction and a sneak preview, leading off with the four original songs from the upcoming EP A Place to Stand [..]

Aug 2014 15

Celldweller announces next album, releases new Scandroid single and music videoDetroit based hybrid artist Celldweller has announced his latest album, titled End of an Empire, along with a teaser of the title track. Like the previous album, Wish Upon a Blackstar and his various soundtrack releases, End of an Empire will be released in separate chapters, with the first – titled Chapter 01: Time – to be released on September 16, 2014. [..]

Aug 2014 14

With a release planned for late 2014, filmmakers Amélie Ravalec and Travis Collins discuss the process behind Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay, a film exploring the fundamental beginnings of a provocative and creative artistic/musical genre.
Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay