Oct 2016 21

Cabaret Voltaire's Richard H. Kirk to release two box sets
Richard H. Kirk – the sole remaining founding member of experimental/industrial group Cabaret Voltaire – will release two box sets on Mute Records on December 2. The collections span the electronic pioneer’s solo catalog prior to and during his time with Cabaret Voltaire, with one set dedicated to his work as alter ego Sandoz. The eight disk Richard H. Kirk – #7489 (Collected Works 1974 – 1989) follows the evolution of Kirk’s otherworldly experimental/dance floor hybrid sound. [..]

Oct 2016 14

The Metro, Chicago, IL – Saturday, 09/24/2016
ColdWaves V


Not nearly enough good can be said about ColdWaves, Chicago’s yearly event celebrating the life and music of Jamie Duffy, raising funding and awareness for suicide prevention, and providing a communal experience for what has often been referred to as the “biggest smallest scene” – industrial/rock. Taking inspiration as much from the more atmospheric, experimental, and purely electronic styles that underlie virtually every permutation of the genre and infusing them with the tonal and lyrical heaviness that pervades alternative rock and metal, ColdWaves has done well to represent all of these disparate elements in equal measure, with past events often dividing the focus among its various nights – i.e., one night would be more rock-centric with the other night more on the electronic side. While ColdWaves V maintained this arrangement, the variety of bands on display at this year’s event blurred the lines between these divergent styles further than ever; while it can be said that the first night was more centered on the electronic and poppier aspects, all of the bands exhibited an energy and dynamism on par with the more guitar-oriented rock stylings that this second night presented. Not to be outdone by the first night’s roster, the acts that took to the stage at the Metro on Saturday seemed determined to give the audience a powerful and memorable helping of industrial/rock.


Oct 2016 13

FiniTribe to release new album in 2017, announces preview showEdinburgh dance music act FiniTribe – now the duo of Davie Miller and John Vick – has announced that the band will release a new album in 2017, titled Suilven, following up on the successful reissues of the band’s classic 101 and De-Testimony singles in 2014. In preperation for this new recording venture, the band will preview the album with a live performance – Suilvens Ascent – on October 21, at Leith St. Andrew’s Church in the band’s hometown of Edinburgh. [..]

Oct 2016 13

ReGen Exclusive: Out Out premieres track from upcoming album
ReGen Magazine is proud to unveil this exclusive stream of the track “Like William Tell” by the pioneering industrial project Out Out, from the upcoming album Swan/Dive?. Scheduled for release on November 4 via Artoffact Records, this song showcases Mark Alan Miller’s unique blend of off-kilter rhythms and scathing electronics, topped off with a sociopolitical lyrical aggression that has been one of the hallmarks of Out Out’s sound since the project’s inception in 1989. [..]

Oct 2016 12

The Metro, Chicago, IL – Friday, 09/23/2016
ColdWaves V


“I can’t believe it’s the fifth year.” Such were the words uttered to this writer at this year’s ColdWaves V in Chicago, the fellow patron’s face bearing the simultaneous traces of astonishment at so monumental an achievement and sadness for the circumstances that brought the event about – the passing of Jamie Duffy, one of the Windy City’s most beloved and celebrated musical personalities. Having earned a formidable reputation on and off the stage, in and out of the studio, Duffy’s life and music helped to shape what we now think of as the underground industrial/rock scene, his skills having served to strengthen both longtime veterans and up-and-coming acts. Carrying on this legacy, ColdWaves has served as a platform not only for new and burgeoning bands to make their mark but also for long defunct legends to reunite and remind audiences of the music that created this scene, with this year’s events heralding some of the most anticipated performances from both ends of the spectrum.


Oct 2016 02

Out Out returns with first new album in nearly a decade
Out Out returns with first new album in nearly a decadePioneering industrial project Out Out will release its first new album in nearly a decade, titled Swan/Dive?. The Artoffact Records release will be the project’s first with a label since the ’90s, and revisits the project’s politically charged EBM style of that era. The 12 track album also includes covers of Todd Rundgren, The Demographic, and Talking Heads. [..]

Oct 2016 01

Public Image Ltd. announces super deluxe box sets
Pioneering post-punk act Public Image Ltd, formed by singer John Lydon (a.k.a. Johnny Rotten) after the breakup of the Sex Pistols, has announced super deluxe four-disc box set reissues of the classic albums Metal Box and Album, featuring rare and previously unreleased material and a live disc. [..]