Aug 2018 17

Second single and music video released from synthpop collective Ashrr
Los Angeles based synthpop group Ashrr, the collaborative project of songwriter Steven Davis and artist/producers Ethan Allen and Josh Charles have released a new single, “Sometimes.” The follow up to the debut single, “Medicine Man,” is an infectiously up-tempo romp with pop sensibilities. A playfully disconcerting companion video [..]

Aug 2018 16

WVM releases latest single, announces upcoming EP
Electro/rock artist WVM has released a new single, “After the Fall.” The artist states that the track’s blend of driving synthpop and grunge tinged alt. rock emerged organically from his desire “to create something I wanted to hear.” Further explaining his wish to not fit in any mold [..]

Aug 2018 16

While known primarily for Assemblage 23, with an upcoming appearance at ColdWaves L.A., Tom Shear embarks on a new musical adventure with Mari Kattman in Helix.


An InterView with Tom Shear of Helix and Assemblage 23

Aug 2018 14

JK Flesh to release full-length album via Electric Deluxe
With a release date of August 31, New Horizon marks the third full-length outing from Justin K. Broadrick under his JK Flesh moniker, his second with Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe imprint. The record features Broadrick furthering his experiments with dub influenced techno beats and noisily distorted progressions [..]

Aug 2018 14

Mindless Self Indulgence front man announces new solo project and album
James Euringer – better known as Jimmy Urine, front man of electro/punk band Mindless Self Indulgence – has announced a new project, simply titled Euringer, with a self-titled debut album due for release on October 19 via Metropolis Records. With 16 tracks and four notable guest performers, Euringer takes a surreal and exploratory turn away from the synthwave mania of last year [..]

Aug 2018 14

3TEETH front man to be featured in upcoming cyberpunk video game
The Nothing, a cyberpunk video game currently in development, has released a video teaser announcing that Alexis Mincolla, the enigmatic front man for industrial/metal band 3TEETH, will be featured as a primary character. Set in a dystopian vision of Los Angeles in the year 2108 [..]

Aug 2018 13

The legendary and prolific Chris Connelly speaks with ReGen about his latest musical endeavors, telling us about the fun he has making music and being a belligerent and Revolting Cock!


An InterView with Chris Connelly

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