Sep 2014 03

Mlada Fronta announces next albumFrench electronic musician Mlada Fronta has announced the upcoming release of its newest album, Polygon, along with its companion piece on vinyl, Night Run, through Artoffact Records, on November 4. This marks the first new Mlada Fronta album in nine years [..]

Sep 2014 03

New Order signs to MuteLegendary new wave group New Order has signed with Mute Records, announcing its next release on the label. Both Mute and New Order are thrilled at the joining, with Mute’s Daniel Miller stating, “This is an exciting new chapter for both Mute and New Order and I feel privileged to be working with artists with such a long, creative and successful history.” [..]

Sep 2014 03

Dieter Meier announces live performances to support solo albumDieter Meier, co-founder of Yello, will perform a one-night show on September 16 at London’s Jazz Cafe, following the release of his debut solo album Out of Chaos. Meier described this “comeback” as being animated by the idea of chaos-as-opportunity, combining deliciously idiosyncratic and esoteric oddities with sophisticated ballads, acoustic elements with electronic perspectives [..]

Sep 2014 03

Dope announces new videoChicago industrial/metal outfit Dope has released a brand new music video for its newest track “Selfish.” This marks the first video from DOPE in five years. “Very excited to begin sharing new Dope music with our fans,” says founder, frontman, and video director Edsel Dope. [..]

Aug 2014 28

The Gothsicles set and achieve Kickstarter goalChicago based electro/industrial artist The Gothsicles launched and completed its Kickstarter campaign for the new album Squid Icarus in three hours on August 27. The album is set to be released in December of this year on Negative Gain Productions. The campaign officially ends September 26.
Brian Graupner speaks to ReGen regarding the success: “Hot coffee! This got through faster than Barry Allen slamming Red Bull in a hypercube.” [..]

Aug 2014 25

Wayne Static and Powerman 5000 announce co-headlining tourWayne Static has announced a co-headlining tour with Powerman 5000, beginning this November. The tour will begin November 6 in Iowa and circle the Midwest, Atlantic coast, and Southern U.S. through the end of November. Industrial/metal band American Head Charge will provide support [..]

Aug 2014 22

Help Mankind is Obsolete make a music videoMankind is Obsolete wants to create a music video and requests fan assistance. Directed by Clint Carney (System Syn, God Module, Imperative Reaction), the video will support MKiO’s newest album Möbius Loop. “This video will be a combination of puppetry, live action, and practical effects, with a little bit of digital enhancement thrown in,” says the band on the video. “We don’t want to give you just a generic boring performance video. [..]