Aug 2015 27

Zola Jesus debuts new single and music video, announces tour datesExperimental/pop artist Zola Jesus – a.k.a Nika Roza Danilova – has released a music video for the song “Nail,” the fourth single from her critically acclaimed TAIGA album, with plans to release a digital EP on September 18 va Mute Records. Featuring a striking array of fetishistic imagery, including a custom made sensory deprivation bed built by Kink Engineering, the video was directed and produced by longtime Zola Jesus videographer Jacqueline Castel, who states, “The video for ‘Nail’ conceptually explores the dualistic themes of vulnerability and strength, bondage and freedom, death and rebirth in parallel to the lyrical content of the song.” Of the video and her association with the director/producer, Danilova states, “We have almost telepathic creative instincts, and together we are like one big arm – pushing to the point of break.” Costume design for the video was provided by Jenni Hensler, also a longtime Zola Jesus collaborator. The Nail EP will also include the previously unreleased track “Circles” and the Xanopticon remix of “Go.”
In addition, Zola Jesus has announced a series of new European tour dates to follow several September dates in the United States. A full listing of these tour dates can be found via the Zola Jesus website.


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