Mar 2015 25

Zardonic to judge Big Brother 84 remix contestRenowned DJ and EDM artist Zardonic will be a special guest judge for the latest Big Brother 84 remix contest, for the track “Pushing,” featuring Johnny Hobbs. The contest is presented by Metalectro and Jet Set Trash Records, in collaboration with various other companies including Keith McMillen Instruments, Presonus, Sony Creative Software, and Waldorf Music to name a few. Remix tracks can be downloaded via the Jet Set Trash SoundCloud page, with the contest rules being available via the Metalectro Music website.
Winning entries will be featured on the upcoming Big Brother Pushing Through EP, with the top three winners receiving numerous other prizes from the partnering sponsors. The contest ends on April 10, with the winners to be announced the following week on April 17.
Big Brother 84 is DJ/Producer moniker for Vigilante’s Ivan Muñoz, focusing on a crossover mix of dubstep, drum & bass, and metal.


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