Sep 2018 27

Zardonic releases music video from latest album
Venezuelan electronic musician and producer Zardonic has released a video for “Revelation” off of his upcoming LP, Become. Directed by Hex Mortis and Micah Moore, the dystopian sci-fi imagery of the video and musical blend of heavy bass and heavy metal with aggressive lyrics in English and Spanish are punctuated with Zardonic’s trademark touches of humor. The artist describes the track as “a celebration of the best revenge anyone can have against backstabbers, bad-mouthers, copycats, and hypocrites: your own success.”

Become is due out September 28 via Entertainment One; the artist describes it as a very personal album, “a journey of change, transition, resistance, self-reflection, and evolution.” The album features guest appearances by fellow luminaries of the electronic scene, including The Qemists, Celldweller, as well as jazz/metal saxophonist Jørgen Munkeby.


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