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Zardonic announces plans for U.S. tour, new remix EPSouth American EDM act Zardonic has announced plans to tour the United States, following several weeks on his Europa Beyond Bass tour during which he performed on the European festival circuit. Celebrating his 10th anniversary this year, the U.S. tour comes after several weeks playing such events as France’s Festival Koalition and Electro Leo, the Netherlands’ PRSPCT XL, and Portugal’s Allfândega on New Year’s Eve.
During the holiday season, Zardonic released via his Facebook page several free downloads of his remixes, including his remix of Ukranian Satanic pop act Semargl and Australia’s The Berzerker. The U.S. tour announcement came after Zardonic’s remix of FIGURE, to be featured on the upcoming remix EP Monsters Selected Remixes.


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