Jul 2016 22

Yello to release new album, perform full live showsSwiss electro pioneers and pop culture icons Yello will release their thirteenth album, Toy, September 30. Dieter Meier and Boris Blank’s first album since 2009’s Touch, Yello retains the trademark playful, ultra-modern sound the act is known for, with a few new twists. The duo is joined by guitarist Jeremy Baer and guest vocalists Fifi Rong, Malia, and Heidi Happy as the group roams from euphoric electronica to smouldering torch songs. The group has also announced the first ever full live shows of their nearly four decade career. The four sold out performances will take place from October 26 to 30 at decommissioned German power station KraftwerkBerlin, and will feature songs from Toy and “reloaded classics.”
Toy will be released in CD, vinyl, and digital formats. The first video from the album, “Limbo” is out now in selected countries (unfortunately, not currently including the U.S.).


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