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Wayne Hussey partners with Swedish initative against subcultural discrimination, releases new song and video
The Mission front man Wayne Hussey – also formerly of Sisters of Mercy and Dead or Alive – has partnered with the Swedish Right to Subcultural Identity (RTSI) initiative for part two of its ongoing campaign against discrimination towards alternative subcultures. Hussey’s song, “You Are Not Alone,” which is the namesake for the second phase of the campaign, pays tribute to a gay friend who grew up feeling different and alone in a small town and offers reassurance to those who may feel the same. An exclusive video of the song is available on the RTSI YouTube channel.


RTSI began in 2014 as an awareness project on social exclusion; project manager, artist, and musician Kari Berg previously brought together artists like Aurelio Voltaire, Ras Bolding, and Adora BatBrat’s band Asperger Synthdrome for part one of the campaign, “Till Alla Er…” (To All Of You…). Berg is also an ambassador for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.


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Right to Subcultural Identity (RTSI)
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