May 2019 17

Vore Aurora calls on artists to protest unjust abortion bans in benefit compilation
With her band participating in this year’s Terminus and ColdWaves festival events, Alizza Barrett – founder/front woman for darkwave/electro act Vore Aurora – is calling on the underground music community to participate in a various artists compilation to protest the wave of abortion bans taking place across the U.S., with proceeds to benefit the ACLU. First expressing the need for action via social media, Barrett had asked followers “What companies can we donate to that will do the most good?” Among the responses were the ACLU, The Yellowhammer Fund, and Planned Parenthood (for which Barrett had previously released a benefit single). Now, in this special address via ReGen Magazine, Barrett issued this statement:


Anti-abortion laws are about controlling women. We as a scene have stood up against discrimination, disease, and now we need to support half of our population. By contributing to the ACLU, we help them fight the abortion laws that are proposed in multiple states. The hope is to defeat these before they can go to the Supreme Court and try to challenge the current law.

All artists would be donating their time and music as 100% of the proceeds would go to the ACLU. There is already a group assembling and they would like to offer more people a chance to get involved to hopefully make a bigger impact.


In another social media post, Barrett elaborated on the subject by citing the effectiveness of the #MeToo movement to open dialogue and raise awareness, encouraging men and women to speak openly about their experiences and combat the misconceptions and stop the flow of false information. Sharing her own story in the post, she emphasized that “Being an adopted kid, I know the horrors of unwanted children and I don’t want to contribute to the system.”
Among the bands and artists that have already expressed their support for and interest in contributing to the compilation are GoFight, Coldkill, Endif, and of course Vore Aurora. If you would like to contribute, please send an e-mail to Alizza Barrett at – she can also be contacted via Vore Aurora’s social media pages.


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  1. John says:

    Excited for this! It’s great to see artists standing up for what’s right.

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