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VNV Nation no longer on Alliance of Sound tourVNV Nation has announced that the band will no longer be participating on the Alliance of Sound tour with Skinny Puppy, Haujobb, and Youth Code. In a statement by band members Ronan Harris and Mark Jackson, the decision not to embark on the tour was a unaninmous decision among the band and crew “Due to a problematic situation, that had unexpectedly worsened in recent weeks.” Further, the band stated that the decision “pained us greatly to have had to do this. We had been very much looking forward to doing this tour and had planned a great set and show.”
In a postscript, the band confirmed that the decision was not due to the health or wellbeing of any related individuals.


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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


  1. Well, this sucks! The VNV MySpace page still lists the tour! And the VNV main web page is silent on the cancelation. So, if it hadn’t been for ReGen carrying the story, I would not have known this. Thanks. I guess.

    I am really mad about this. I bought tickets to BOTH the NYC and Philly shows. Now I am going to try to get a refund.

    • Ilker Yücel says:

      Thank you for your comment – the news actually broke via an announcement on VNV’s Facebook.
      As well, the tour is still on with Skinny Puppy, Youth Code, and Haujobb; that’s still worth going to if you’d rather not have to refund. =)
      In any case, these things happen. Onward and upward…
      Thank you again for the comment and for reading ReGen. =) Cheers and have a marvelous day!

  2. Joe says:

    Good riddance…generic electro at best.

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