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Vigilante to release single in support of Anonymous groupFrench industrial artist Vigilante has announced the upcoming digital release of It’s Our Time to raise funds for the members of the hacktivist group Anonymous facing prosecution. “It is in moments like this that we need to make a difference and show to our brothers and sisters they are not alone,” states Ivan Muñoz of Vigilante, “that we need to stand together in solidarity and fight against this kind of injustice, to lead the way so more people rise up without fear, and we could find a way together to create a better world for us and our futures generations with more justice, more peace and more freedom.”
Vigilante released a YouTube video in February supporting Anonymous, announcing the digital single and its intent to fund the defense of Anonymous hacktivists such as Jeremmy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Mercedes Haefer, Higinio Ochoa, and more.
It’s Our Time will consist of several remixes and will be part of Vigilante’s new album Turning Point.
The Anonymous collective combats privacy violations and are known for their mass demonstrations and Internet attacks against groups that allegedly support the violation of privacy rights. “When Internet activists are getting longer prison sentences than rapists, you have to wonder what kind of world we’re leaving for our kids,” says the group. The loosely associated collective has also notably affiliated with the Occupy movement, attacked Internet pedophilia, and protested the Church of Scientology.


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