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Video released from Wayne Static Memorial Show featuring Dave Navarro and Matt "Lord" ZaneA video has been made available from the Wayne Static Memorial Show, which took place on January 20 in Hollywood, CA. The video features renowned guitarist Dave Navarro and Society 1 vocalist and music video director Matt Zane performing Static’s “Assassins of Youth,” one of two songs the pair performed together at the show. “I was honored to be asked by Ashes (Wayne’s guitarist) to be part of it,” says Zane; “I directed the video for ‘Assassins of Youth,’ so it just seemed like the right song to close with.”
Big Time Broadcasting had originally streamed the show live, with the server crashing due to a high volume of users logging in to view the performance; as a result, the songs Navarro and Zane performed were difficult to view. Of this, Zane states, “I was upset that the songs Dave and I performed together were 100% on the live feed and since then, all I’ve seen is bad cell phone videos all over YouTube. I wanted to make one available with better sound and a better camera to give the song and performance the proper respect.” “Assassins of Youth” was originally written and recorded by Static for his solo album debut, Pighammer, released in 2011.
Wayne Static died in his sleep at the age of 48 on November 1, 2014. released on March 12, 2015 that an official coroner’s report revealed the cause to be a mix of alcohol and an overdose of prescription medications.



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