Mar 2018 14

URN unveils latest crowdfunded music video
Gothic folk/metal band URN has released the official music video for the fan favorite “Silently, I’m Still Screaming,” a song from the band’s 2015 Epiphany single. Filmed and edited in Los Angeles, CA by Jackie Bones and co-directed by Dominic St. Charles for Steal Your Ghost Productions, the video showcases guitarist Christopher Migdalski, who is afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease. Migdalski and the band state “Our hope is that this will inspire those to continue on in their battle and achieve whatever dreams/goals that they have.”

The video also showcases URN’s two newest members: Cleve Hall (SyFy’s Monster Man) and Eric James Peterson (ex-Electric Hellfire Club). People who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign received the first peek at this new video. In addition, URN has finished writing an upcoming album tentatively titled ; (Semicolon), which will be the band’s sixth release. The band is also working on booking a tour with hopes of returning to Canada and Mexico.


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