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UNKLE announces fifth studio album release
James Lavelle’s ever evolving project UNKLE will release its fifth studio album, The Road: Part 1 on August 18, 2017, marking the band’s first new release since 2011. The 15 tracks were inspired Lavelle’s curation of 2014’s Meltdown Festival at Southbank, featuring a bevy of collaborators including London folk/rock artist and poet Keaton Henson, Primal Scream’s Andrew Innes, The Duke Spirit’s Liela Moss, longtime UNKLE contributor Mark Lanegan, Mercury prize nominee ESKA, Queens of the Stone Age drummer Jon Theodore, and Beck drummer Justin Stanley. Collaboration is the heart of the album, which spans genres and generations to beat with the eclectic multicultural pulse of modern London, pairing longtime accomplices such as Philip Sheppard, Chris Goss, Twiggy, and Troy Van Leeuwen with new talent like Elliott Power, Mïnk, and YSEÉ. Lavelle explains, “I hadn’t made a record in a long time, and the incarnation of UNKLE had changed in that now, it was me on my own. For that reason, I wanted to make a record that I hadn’t been able to before, going back to the roots of where I came from, with a foot in modern London.”
UNKLE - The Road: Part 1Lavelle’s commitment to collaboration continues on the visual side of the project, with thought provoking official videos from artists and visionaries, many of whom participated in his critically claimed 2016 exhibition, Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick. The latest video from the album for the track “Looking for the Rain,” by visual artist Doug Foster, features intriguing kaleidoscopic effects created by “filming a variety of subjects from nature, such as water, crystals, and plants. The footage was composited in several stages to eventually form a moving tunnel of light that features synchronized repetition and bilateral symmetry.” The video for “Looking for the Rain” is available now on YouTube and Vevo.

Looking For The Rain by UNKLE & & on VEVO.

Pre-orders for The Road: Part 1 in standard and signed deluxe CD, signed double vinyl, and signed limited double orange and purple vinyl editions are available now through PledgeMusic; both vinyl editions include digital downloads. All versions will include a 36 page booklet designed by Lavelle and George Stewart-Lockhart, featuring artwork by contemporary luminaries including Turner Prize nominee Nathan Coley, John Isaacs, David Nicholson, Norbert Schoerner, Doug Foster, Warren Du Preez, and Nick Thornton Jones.


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