May 2017 16

Two Die Krupps albums to be reissued on vinyl
Artoffact Records will reissue two of Die Krupps’ most iconic releases – the legendary 1981 debut Stahlwerksynfonie and 1993’s The Final Option, which marked the pioneering German electronic act’s sonic transition to what would later become industrial/metal; both will be released as double albums on August 25. This will be the first time that Stahlwerksynfonie will be reissued on vinyl, and features extensive liner notes and photos on the double gatefold sleeve. The track listing includes the original album as well as live recordings and alternate versions from the previous CD reissue and bonus tracks. The Final Option, considered to be one of Die Krupps’ most successful records, includes hits “Fatherland,” “To the Hilt,” and “Bloodsucker.” The release marked the emergence of a more aggressive guitar driven style, which would put the band at the forefront of industrial/metal. Both titles will be available in standard and special editions, with the standard editions on black vinyl. The collector’s version of Stahlwerksynfonie will be pressed on grey and black splattered disks, and the limited edition of The Final Option will be on two tone black and clear vinyl. Pre-orders are now available via Storming the Base.


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