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Trash Deity unveils title track from upcoming debut EP
Trash Deity - Run 4 Your Lies!Trash Deity – the Los Angeles industrial/rock project of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult’s Groovie Mann (a.k.a. Franke N. Nardiello) and Blue Eyed Christ’s JDN (a.k.a. John D. Norten) – has released the music video for the title track of the upcoming EP, Run 4 Your Lies!. Mann describes the song as “a maniac chant to raise the bored to trash the dance floor to create some electricity for the body dancing next to them,” while Norten likens it to “the chaos and confusion of our modern times wrapped in a hypnotic industrial dance groove with a throbbing bass pounding to the universal beat.” The two WaxTrax! veterans joined forces to create an eclectic blend of Groovie Mann’s classic vocals and enigmatic lyrics with tantalizing heavy guitar and electronic licks molded by Norten’s masterful production, hearkening back to the heart of the classic Chicago sound while exploring new territory. Norten explains that the four track EP is an eclectic mix documenting the genesis of Trash Deity’s sound. “One song is electronic for the clubs with a pounding bass line and signature Groovie Mann maniacal vocal chants, then another is a sexy dirty strip club anthem. Each song has its own identity, but the EP still sounds totally cohesive and chaotic at the same time… just like us!”
As with the duo’s first single, “Finger on the Trigger,” the video for “Run 4 Your Lies!” was directed by Neil Kull, originally premiering on Paste Magazine on June 1; both singles are now available to purchase via iTunes.


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