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Tor Lundvall to release collection of rare early synthpop material
Dark ambient artist Tor Lundvall will be releasing a collection of rarities from his early synthpop material for the first time on vinyl. Rescued from old DAT tapes, A Strangeness In Motion: Early Pop Recordings 1989-1999 includes solo interpretations of his work with Drew Sullivan and tracks originally considered for 1997’s Passing Through Alone, which languished after a planned follow up album was scrapped, which Lundvall recalls as “perhaps the only time I’ve scrapped an album entirely.” Although he initially dismissed these songs as “naive and youthful relics,” Lundvall states that he has “grown much fonder of them in recent years,” curating them into a cohesive record, which provides new insights into his work while remaining accessible to new listeners. A single, “The Melting Hour” has been released in advance of the album. A Strangeness In Motion can be pre-ordered via Dais Records with a release date of April 26. The album will be available in standard black and limited edition blue and yellow and clear swirled variants; a digital version will also be available.



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