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Tim Muddiman and The Strange tease sophomore album with new single
Having released the band’s debut album, Paradise Runs Deeper, in late 2016, the darkly blues and alt. rock group Tim Muddiman and The Strange has announced the follow up album, titled Domino Blitz. As a taste of what the sophomore release has to offer, the band has unveiled the single “Get It On” in the form of a theatrical and animated lyric video, with front man Tim Muddiman taking on the guise of various characters. “At the time of writing this song,” Muddiman explains, expressing sympathy for outcast artists trying to fit outside the norm, ” I was feeling a little pressured and frustrated with the direction of my album and how would I get it out to people when I didn’t want to follow trends or write what was deemed popular by common demand.” Relating to those in a similar dilemma, Muddiman concludes, “I just wanted to say ‘fuck it.’ ‘Get It On!’ ‘Do Your Thing!'”

Tim Muddiman and The Strange - Get It OnThe video for “Get It On” was shot, edited, and animated by Adam Fitch, who also provided backing vocals for the track, with mixing and mastering handled by Kjam Mastering’s Robin Junga.” Muddiman is currently touring as a member of Gary Numan’s band on the innovative electro/industrial/rock musician’s Savage tour. However, Tim Muddiman and The Strange plan to release more singles and perform more shows in 2018. Like the previous album, Domino Blitz is being funded via PledgeMusic campaign.


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