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Worms of the Earth has released a new album via Zazen Sounds, on which Dan Barrett creates a darkly ambient aural ritual chronicling the journey to the pantheon of Egyptian gods, the Netjer. Through the album’s eight tracks, Barrett guides the listener “through the astral tunnels of the Duat” and “to the forgotten black sands of the Nile,” examining the machinations of the god Anubis and the great sorcerer Thoth; as “Netjer” refers to the flame that illuminates the secrets of Egypt’s ancient magic and the truths of the universe known only by the gods, the album expands on the meditative and mystical themes prevalent throughout the discography of Worms of the Earth. Released on October 7 and available via Bandcamp with phsyical digipak editions available through Zazen Sounds, Netjer is the artist’s third full-length ritual ambient album, following the 2015 Sitra Achra album and last year’s Anāgāmi Redux reissue of the 2012 album; throughout his repertoire, Worms of the Earth has drawn from a sophisticated palette of musical elements including industrial, noise, techno, psy-trance, tribal rhythms, dark ambient, and ethno-centric tones.


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