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Thievery Corporation begins U.S. tour
Hot on the heels of a successful transatlantic tour, Washington, DC’s Thievery Corporation has kicked off a round of U.S. dates in support of the latest album, The Temple of I & I. Recorded in Port Antonio, Jamaica, the album is a full immersion into the dub culture and aesthetic that has inspired the band since its debut, the Sounds from Thievery Hi-Fi EP. The group’s return to the States began with two very special hometown shows at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, where the band was accompanied by a 22 piece orchestra conducted by Teddy Abrams. Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton describes the shows as, “an incredible opportunity to stretch the bounds of our music with 22 virtuoso players and perform in the famed Kennedy Center Concert Hall. To go from where we started as two young guys with limited gear in a makeshift studio to receiving this type of opportunity and recognition is truly a highlight in our career.” The tour runs until October 29, ending in San Francisco, CA; a full listing of dates can be found on the Thievery Corporation website.


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