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Theologian announces new lineup and album, upcoming showsDark ambient/industrial act Theologian has announced a new lineup, currently in pre-production for the upcoming full-length album, Contrapasso. Revolving around founder and orchestrator Lee Bartow, the new lineup features ex-Heidnik member Dave Brenner and Daniel Suffering, Bartow’s partner in the Annihilvs Power Electronix imprint, and formerly of Whorid and Slavernij. Contrapasso is slated for a release in 2016, with the sessions promised to include additional collaborations and possible split releases. The group also states that the new lineup yields a shift in production techniques, including new instrumentation – such as unorthodox percussive elements and several pedal manipulation – and vocal experimentation.
In addition, a split vinyl LP with Ancient Methods, with Theologian’s contribution being a 13-minute-long drone composition encompassing the record’s first side, will begin mastering sessions in December, with a projected release date of mid-to-late February, 2016 via Berlin label Metaphysik. The Tehologian track also features Gretchen Heinel on cello and Suffering on synth.
Theologian is slated to perform on the opening night of the Voidstar Productions 25th Anniversary festival on October 2, alongside Author & Punisher, Compactor, and Insect Ark to name a few. Following this appearance, Theologian will also perform in Brooklyn on October 30 for the Annihilvs Devil’s Night 2015, with additional shows to follow in November.


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