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The Warehouse campaign to stay openWisconsin venue The Warehouse, one of America’s longest-running, all-ages no-alcohol independent concert venues, is nearing the end of its IndieGoGo campaign in an attempt to keep doors open. The campaign aims to raise $200,000 by August 22. “The Warehouse has always had a very strict policy against pay-to-play, or making bands buy and sell tickets… but this policy of no pay-to-play has taken its toll,” say the venue representatives. “Combined with no alcohol sales and a tenant who filed bankruptcy and left the venue hanging, the bills have rapidly piled up. Currently we owe a substantial amount to the City, County, and also our bank. Our bank has decided it is time to cut their losses.” The campaign offers exclusive merchandise at various tiers, as well as sponsorship opportunities at higher tiers.


Warehouse Website
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