Aug 2016 23

The Sky's Gone Out releases new single, produced by Stephan GrothMasterminded by Jon Martens Holm, who has performed with the likes of Icon of Coil and CCTV, and produced by Stephan Groth of prominient electro/rock group Apoptygma Berzerk, Velvet Elektra Records presents the Tell Me How It Feels digital maxi single by post-punk/alt. rock band The Sky’s Gone Out. Recorded at the band’s own Black Lodge Studio in Fredrikstad, Norway and featuring an edit and remix by MC Peko of the band’s first single, “The Funeral,” Tell Me How It Feels was mixed by Schæfer’s Kjell Martin Roll, mastered by Bohus Masterin’s Sindre Bremnes and Dragan Tanaskovic. Both songs were written by Holm with Frode Gunderson (Spoonfool, Billion Dollar Mission), Torstein Eriksen (Freedumb, Norsk Råkk), and Simon Haugsten Hansen.
Holm states, “We are finally seeing the end of the road of the longest journey in the history of Norwegian music. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. At some point I became a manic perfectionist, and I seriously over-produced the recordings. After a break, I returned to the studio with some wise guy’s words in mind; ‘The best mix is actually the first one I do, real quick, just to set the basic levels and EQs.'” The band, originally named The Pussy Club, was started by Holm having originated from “bad influences.”


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