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Electro/hip-hop artist Andrew Lindsley – a.k.a. The Real Ocelot – has released his rendition of The Prodigy’s 2018 single “Need Some 1” as a tribute to Keith Flint. With Andrew “DJ Jabbathakut” Finch assisting with the remixing, Lindsley states that when the single was first released, “I woke up that day and instantly started writing to it. It was just some wild inspiration that I felt and then we ended up recording and mixing this in my friend Travis’ studio.” Initially hesitant to release his version of the track, he goes on to say, “I wish Keith was alive to hear it. At least all of you are. God Bless that man, he was an inspiration in many ways.”

“Need Some 1” was the second single off The Prodigy’s seventh album, No Tourists, released in November of 2018 via the band’s own Take Me to the Hospital imprint. Originally intended to present the group’s shift toward EPs and a swifter turnaround of releases, the first track written for the album was the “Fight Fire with Fire” remix collaboration with American hip-hop duo Ho99o9; British rapper Dizzee Rascal was also meant to be part of the album, while the final release featured singer/songwriter Barns Courtney, MC Brother Culture, and Hounds guitarist Olly Burden (a.k.a. Killer B). No Tourists was the band’s seventh consecutive album to debut at the Number 1 position on the U.K. Albums Chart, and the fourth to feature the vocals Keith Flint, who took his own life in March 2019.

Releasing music under his moniker of Distorted Crown, Lindsley recently was featured as the opening act on KMFDM’s 2017 Hell Yeah Tour; among the many tracks he has released via SoundCloud is the KMFDM remix of his anti-fascist anthem “Target Practize.”


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