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Influential experimental rock band The Legendary Pink Dots has announced the release of a new album, Angel In the Detail, on August 23 via Metropolis Records. Two years in the making, the album contains the band’s signature blend of evocative lyrical imagery set to hypnotic washes of guitar, synth, and bass, building on the sound The Legendary Pink Dots has been cultivating for 39 years; the band states that Angel In the Detail contains “few diversions, a few questions never answered, and a cloud full of value moments.” The album will be available in all formats, including digital, CD, and limited vinyl editions; pre-orders are available via Bandcamp and the Metrpolis webstore.
Tour BannerAs The Legendary Pink Dots celebrates its 40th anniversary in August 2020, the band says “I guess there is no harm in starting things early,” with plans in place for a North American tour. Beginning on October 2 in Kansas City, and continuing until Halloween in Denver, CO, the tour is but the first leg of the “Angel Trail” to celebrate the band’s anniversary; a full listing of tour dates and ticket information can be found on The Legendary Pink Dots’ website. With numerous musicians having participated in the band over its history, The Legendary Pink Dots’ current lineup includes founding members Edward Ka-Spel and Phil “The Silverman” Knight, along with Dots alumni Erik Drost and Raymond Steeg, with Joep Hendrikx having joined the band in 2014.


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