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Having completed a sold out tour of Europe and the U.K., Mongolian rock quartet The HU announces that the band will be hitting North American shores for three months at the end of 2019. Beginning September 11 in Minneapolis, the tour continues until December 7 in Las Vegas, with numerous stops in the U.S. and Canada along the way. The tour follows in support of The HU’s long awaited debut album, The Gereg, releasing on September 13 on Eleven Seven Music (E7M); tickets for the tour go on sale via the band’s website on Friday, July 19 at 10:00am local time, while The Gereg is available for pre-order in CD and vinyl formats. The album title refers to “the first diplomatic ‘passport’ issued by the Mongol Empire during the time of Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khaan), so his envoys could travel to many nations without any restrictions,” with the band’s music blending elements of traditional Mongolian music – instrumentation, throat singing, lyrics reflecting the poetry and war cries of the culture – with Western rock rhythms. Band member Temka states, “When we do this, we try to spiritually express this beautiful thing about Mongolian music. We think we will talk to everyone’s soul though our music.” The HU gained international acclaim with the release of two video singles, “Yuve Yuve Yu” and “Wolf Totem,” in late 2018, with Mongolia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs offering the quartet the title of “Official Mongolian Ambassador to the World” in April 2019.


The HU
Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
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