Apr 2018 02

The Gothsicles to release EP celebrating 20th anniversary of "Konami Code"
Originally written in 1998 by Brian Graupner with Tristam D., “Konami Code” may arguably be The Gothsicles’ best known song – a celebration of the legendary cheat code that appeared in numerous titles by Konami video games. To celebrate the song’s 20th anniversary, The Gothsicles are now releasing a special EP on April 6 featuring seven remixes of the iconic track, along with two new songs. Among the remixers are GoFight, Interface, Coldkill, Pankow, and Studio-X, with Caustic’s Matt Fanale – a longtime collaborator and occasionally credited as “Sega Lugosi” – appearing on two of the remixes. Of the new tracks, Rotersand’s Krischan Wesenberg produces “IDDQD,” with the second titled “The Gothsicles are Moving to Boston in May of 2018,” signifying the band’s relocation from Chicago to Boston. Now available for pre-order via Bandcamp, the Interface remix is available to preview.

The famed Konami cheat code was first used in Gradius, released in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System; it was subsequently popularized in North America for its use in Contra, often dubbed “Contra Code” and “30 Lives Code,” which is referenced in the song’s lyrics. Since its original placement in the NES catalog, it has become a benchmark in popular culture among the gaming community, appearing as an Easter egg in numerous titles and websites.


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