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The God Bombs launch IndieGoGo campaign for debut album
The God Bombs - Hex DeluxeForming at the beginning of 2018 and having performed an opening slot on MINISTRY’s AmeriKKKant tour, New York industrial/punk trio The God Bombs – vocalist Justin Symbol, guitarist/keyboardist Jabbath Roa, and drummer Edrick Subervi – has launched an IndieGogo campaign for the debut Hex album. Originally released as an EP of five tracks, “Hex was always intended to be a full-length album,” according to the band, with the budget and rigorous touring schedule cited as the reasons for it being relegated to an EP. The band goes on to say, “At least double the amount of songs were written, and we have more in the works! Plus, several popular cover songs that you heard us play live!” Funds for the Hex Deluxe campaign will go towards studio time, rehearsal space, CD/vinyl manufacture, travel/tour expenses, the PR campaign, and music videos, with The God Bombs offering rewards of merchandise and memorabilia, including original lyric sheets that may feature scrapped lyrics, working titles, and other rarities.
In addition, The God Bombs will be performing on Friday, June 15 at Brooklyn’s Subvert event, sharing the stage with The FMs, The Pink Ups, Autodrone, and more. As well, the group will perform on Saturday, July 7 at Club Revolution‘s Kore Fest: Operation8 Strong Island event in Long Island, along with Kore Rozzik, Brand of Julez, Burn Your Bridges, and Crisis King. The band plans to announce additional tour dates for late summer.

The God Bombs launch IndieGoGo campaign for debut album


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