Jan 2018 25

The Director's Cuts releases new music video
The Director’s Cuts – a London based cinematic, industrial, and hard rock influenced project of film and music producer Peter Pahor and singer/songwriter Jon Hartz Wild – has released a video for the song “The Bridge.” The video has a strong nostalgic vibe, capturing the feel of late ’90s interactive music video programs. Hartz Wild describes the track as “A song about the struggles we face in everyday life and whether we can stay positive in our goals to reach our destination, or give up and lose hope,” and emphasizes that “the lyrics are not specific to any particular event” and are “open for the audience to relate to in its own way.” Pahor says that he “decided to insert the video in a fictional ’90s local music channel” to emphasize “how music and interaction with music has changed in the years with the era of social media and how this has influenced us (people who lived in that era) in our human relations.”
The video for “The Bridge” can be viewed on the group’s YouTube channel, and is available as a free download at The Director’s Cut’s Bandcamp page.


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