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The Anix releases music video for "Black Space"
With the release of the Black Space (Deconstructed) EP earlier this month, electro/rock act The Anix presents the music video for the title track. Created in collaboration with noted fashion videographer/photographer Ruslan Pelykh, “Black Space” is the latest visual entry in the cyberpunk odyssey of Shadow_Movement, The Anix’s latest album, released in October of 2018 via FiXT Music; with The Anix’s Brandon Smith based in Los Angeles and Pelykh in New York City, the video draws inspiration from the industrialized architecture of N.Y.C., full of aerial cityscapes, and even some shots from out the director’s apartment window, all of which complement the cyberpunk aesthetics of Smith’s music and evoke the L.A. of 2019 as depicted in the 1982 classic Blade Runner. “Typical shooting process of music videos is not really my thing,” states Pelykh, emphasizing the importance of improvisation and new shooting methods; “Brandon gives me full creative freedom and is open to visual ideas,” all of which Pelykh shoots by hand with small cameras. The video for “Black Space” premiered on January 28 via Space Untravel on YouTube; Pelykh has provided visuals for such brands and outlets as PUMA, Versace, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, and more, while also being featured at the International Film Festival and Fashion Week.
The Black Space (Deconstructed) EP was released via FiXT on January 15, featuring deconstructed and stripped versions of the song, while a remix by fellow FiXT artist Fury Weekend is due for release on February 5.




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