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Just shy of a full year since his last album, Brandon Smith has announced the release date of his latest full-length outing as The Anix, titled Hologram, for October 11. The record marks his second with independent electro/rock imprint FiXT, Hologram once again delves into Smith’s exploration of cyberpunk atmospheres and neo-futuristic themes, blending various electronic, rock, and industrial genres with tech-inspired fashion and visual artistry; as with 2018’s Shadow_Movement, the new album was entirely created – written, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered – by Smith, but taken further as he also personally created the artwork, photography, and merchandise, which includes hand-crafted limited edition items. Five singles for Hologram have already been released, the latest being the album’s closing track, “Disappear,” which ReGen had the honor of premiering in July; the album also includes a cover of Deftones’ “Digital Bath,” as well as a 2.0 mix of “Techunter,” originally an instrumental track The Anix released in February 2019 for Techunter Magazine. Although a physical edition has not yet been announced, digital pre-orders for Hologram are available via Bandcamp and the FiXT webstore.


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Website, Webstore, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
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