May 2013 17

The Adversary announces debut Electronic act The Adversary has announced its debut EP, Chapter One: The Ruins, to be released June 4. The Adversary – project of Andre Misiter (ism) – explains “We live in a world of human voices, bird chirps, pianos, cellphones, elevators and construction noises. I feel like to make music today you have to at least acknowledge the full range of sounds that exist in our world. So, I mix organic sounds, electronic sounds, and hybrid sounds (sounds that I make by taking organic sounds and running them through lots of electronic filters).” What Mistier hopes to create is a thoroughly organic form of electronic music, borne from his appreciation of music composition as it is from his experience at the experimental Burning Man festival. “I was exploring a lot of things. I went to Burning Man last August and it affected my understanding of music, and the relationship between electronic stuff and live stuff and then, I got here.” The Adversary debuted the video “De La Luna” through Huffington Post last month, and will host its Record Review Party on June 4 at The Box in New York.


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