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German goth/rock act Thanateros returns from an absence of 10 years with a new album, titled Insomnia, due for release on September 27. Eschewing the Irish and Celtic folk influences of the band’s past, vocalist and founder Ben Richter has stated that the new material will be concentrating on “an atmospheric, intense, and deeper spirit,” with the album’s first single, “The Lost King,” to be released on August 30, along with a music video. Produced by Busch Jens, Insomnia features a brand new lineup, with Richter backed by guitarist Chris Lang, bassist Chris Ryll, violinist Christof Uhlmann, and drummer Marcus Hotz; Richter and Lang first worked together in metal band Phosphor, releasing two acclaimed albums since its formation in 2015. Insomnia marks the first Thanateros album since 2009’s Liber Lux, heralded at the time as the band’s heaviest and best release up to that point; for various reasons, Richter disbanded Thanateros at the beginning of 2010.


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