Nov 2018 30

Test Dept. releases first single in 20 years to preview upcoming new album
Long heralded as one of the most influential bands in the formative wave of industrial music, Test Dept. has broken its long silence with a new single, titled “Landlord.” Referred to by founding member Graham Cunnington as “disturbing in the extreme,” the track continues the band’s long tradition of protest and politically charged themes, with band member Paul Jamrozy stating that “We’re still angry, but it’s tempered by a slightly different wisdom.” As Test Dept.’s first new single in 20 years, the track finds the band addressing “money-grabbing landlords getting richer off the housing crisis,” with Cunnington further stating, “The mess we’re in now is unbelievable.”

“Landlord” is the introductory single to Test Dept.’s new album, titled Disturbance, due for release on March 1, 2019 via One Little Indian Records. As pioneers of the early industrial sound that utilized unconventional recording techniques and found sounds, Jamrozy states further about Test Dept.’s new music, “We tried to upgrade the sound, to soup things up further – looking back on old recordings we felt we sometimes lacked bass, so that came to the fore a lot more here.” Cunnington also states the new album to be an opportunity for the band to “re-establish our history and get our music out there again,” its creation a work in progress over the years since the core of Test Dept. reformed earlier in the decade. Pre-orders for Disturbance are available now via the record label website.


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