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One of the pioneering acts from the formative years of industrial music, Test Dept. has announced that the band will be conducting a tour of the U.S. this September. Celebrating the release of the group’s fifteenth album, the Disturbance Tour begins on September 12 in San Francisco and will see the band performing a headlining gig at this year’s ColdWaves VIII event in Chicago on September 21; joining Test Dept. on this tour will be fellow ColdWaves performers Severed Heads, Pop Will Eat Itself, Street Sects, Kælan Mikla, Adult., and Pual Barker: MDSS – the lineup of bands for each night of the tour will vary, while a full listing of tour dates can be found on the Test Dept. website.
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Test Dept. released Disturbance on March 1 of this year, marking the first new full-length album from the influential band in over two decades. Long revered for their innovative use of unconventional instrumentation and recording techniques, laying down the foundation for the genre’s development in the decades since the band’s inception in 1981, Paul Jamrozy says of the album, “We tried to upgrade the sound, to soup things up further – looking back on old recordings we felt we sometimes lacked bass, so that came to the fore a lot more here.” Graham Cunnington goes onto say that Disturbance helps “re-establish our history and get our music out there again.” The album is available in CD, digital, and vinyl formats via One Little Indian Records and can be purchased via all online outlets, including Bandcamp.


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