Oct 2017 15

TAINA releases third single from upcoming album
German industrial/rock act TAINA has released a lyric music video for “Perfekte Dunkelheit” (“Perfect Darkness”), the third single from the upcoming album, Seelenfresser. The track is a satisfying combination of unrelenting guitars, somber, chanting choruses, and retro synths with an 8-bit vibe, which calls to mind a dark ’80s retro-futurist dystopia.
TAINA was formed in 2010 by vocalist and synth player WoLand and guitarist SerZh, with drummer Hannes joining in April of 2015. The group’s first EP, Illusion was released in February, 2012 with two music videos and the stage debut the same year. The band has performed throughout Europe supporting such bands including ASP, Feuerengel, ZARDONIC, Ost+Front, and Stahlzeit, and played major German open-air festivals Wacken and Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) in 2017.



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