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Synthpop supergroup Seadrake releases new single to tease upcoming debut album
Seadrake has released “Something Durable,” a new single that also serves as a teaser for the synthpop supergroup’s high anticipated upcoming debut album, Isola. The release comes on the heels of a successful inagural release, “Lower Than This (Someday),” which featured Seabound singer Frank M. Spinath and made the German Electronic Web and Alternative charts.
Seadrake enlisted producer Olaf Wollschläger (And One, Mesh) and ousted computers and software in favor of analog synthesizers to create a warmer sound and imbue the track with a catchy pop sensibility. Keyboardist/bassist Rickard Gunnarsson says that the band “spent a hell of a lot of time to find the right sound for this song,” a process that “takes a lot longer when you work with real instruments and analog synthesizers.” He continues to state that it was “worth it as the song ‘matured’ during that time and sounds more ‘genuine’ now… at least, for me.”
The Something Durable single EP will be released December 8 via Megahype Records in both electronic and limited edition CD formats featuring remixes by Rico Hüllermeier (De/Vision, Visage or Alphaville), Mehdi Bagherzadeh (LOWE, Miyane), and tech-house artists Disko Deutschland and Sascha Beguhl.


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