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French duo Vaisseau has released the first single from the upcoming debut album, a track that effectively introduces listeners to the band’s experimental blend of psychedelic synth with doom-laden heavy metal influences. Making its premiere on Heavy Blog Is Heavy, the eight-and-a-half-minute-long “Sonic Dislocation” is referred to by the publication’s Eden Kupermintz as “a true journey through a unique and deeply fleshed out soundscape,” comparing the track to a “Stanley Kubrick fever dream” referring to such bands as Hawkwind and Magma, as well as Vangelis, Oneohtrix Point Never, and the aesthetics of Krautrock. As the band’s name roughly translates to “space shift” or “spaceship,” Kupermintz also brings attention to Vaisseau’s sonic exploration of the vastness of space, man’s insignificance in a vast cosmos, and the hidden monsters waiting in the dark – decidedly Lovecraftian in tone, these themes are reflected in Jason Barnett’s cover artwork and title to the debut album, Horrors Waiting In Line, which depicts “the daily struggles one learns to apprehend and overcome – another subtle reference to escapism that floats atop the whole album, and reaches peaks thanks to its majestic pyramide, a symbolic vessel that guides lost souls towards the light.” Mixed and mastered by Dennis Pleckham, Horrors Waiting In Line is due for release on March 13 via Totem Cat Records, and can be pre-ordered via the label’s webstore and Bandcamp, where both “Sonic Dislocation” and “Force Macabre: From Deep Space, Down to the Styx” can both be previewed; the album will be in both digital and vinyl formats, with the latter appearing in two variants – 200 copies of regular Frustrazione black vinyl, and 100 copies of the “Ride the Slime” edition featuring neon green in ultra clear wax, which also includes a 60x60cm poster of the cover art; additionally, 10 test pressings with screenprintings of alternate artwork are also available.


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