Aug 2018 13

Sweat Boys releases free single featuring Andy Deane
Steadily building up a following that is as dance-crazed and as sweaty as the band’s name and music would suggest, Wisconsin electro act Sweat Boys is now offering a new single as a free download. “You Are My Heart” is described by the band as a “romantic joint effort” with Andy Deane of synthwave project The Rain Within and goth/rock band Bella Morte, and precedes the upcoming Sweat Boys release Nervous Prayers, coming soon via Give/Take. “You Are My Heart” is available for free download via the Nervous Prayers website; in addition, the first 20 to claim the exclusive download will receive a four-inch metallic black balloon. Sweat Boys released its debut I Like to Party EP in late 2016, followed by a remix EP featuring the likes of Caustic, GoFight, Android Lust, and Hate Dept.; both releases are “name your price” items on Bandcamp.


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