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Swans three most recent albums reissued on triple vinyl
The Glowing Man, the highly acclaimed fourteenth studio album and the last from the current incarnation of experimental/post-punk band Swans, will be reissued on vinyl as a three LP set. Originally released in June of 2016, the farewell album received high praise from critics, with Pitchfork‘s Saby Reyes-Kulkarni stating, “Swans make this sound effortless, though, in a fitting end to a remarkable chapter of their career.” The band, whose current incarnation began in 2010, announced at the time of the release of The Glowing Man that the album would be its last, with founder and front man Michael Gira stating that he would “continue to make music under the name Swans, with a revolving cast of collaborators,” with less extensive touring.
In addition, the group’s thirteenth album, To Be Kind, which was Swans’ first to reach the US and UK top 40, and the twelfth, The Seer, both of which made Pitchfork‘s “Top 100 Albums of the Decade So Far 2010-2014,” will also be released in three LP vinyl format. All three albums – The Glowing Man, To Be Kind, and The Seer – will be available on April 7, and can be pre-ordered now at Storming the Base.


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