Feb 2016 26

Surgical Meth Machine premieres lyric video via Alternative PressIn anticipation of the self-titled debut album, Al Jourgensen has released a new lyric video for the track “Tragic Alert” via Alternative Press. Of the track and the impending album, Jourgensen comments, “I hope you enjoy this soundtrack to the New World Order… you should, y’all helped create it!” This track marks the official debut of the project, with the album to be released on April 15 via Nuclear Blast Records; Surgical Meth Machine was recorded primarily at Jourgensen’s home studio in Burbank, California with the participation of his longtime producer/engineer Sam D’Ambruoso. Of the album, Jourgensen states, “The album starts out beating you over the head with some of the fastest stuff that’s probably ever been recorded, at least that’s cohesive. Then, it ends sounding damn near like a lounge act, with me crooning like Wayne Newton or some shit.” He also comments, “I’m actually almost acknowledging that first horrible pop record I did in 1983. I’m crooning on some songs, I’ve got some pop songs on there, and then there’s just brutal assault for the rest of it. It’s a very dichotomous record, but it’s me, and I’m acknowledging everything that’s been me through, like, the last 35 years. Let’s just throw my balls on the table and hope somebody doesn’t have a meat cleaver running.”


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