May 2018 31

SUNN O))) begins writing next album, releases earliest rehearsal recordings
Experimental metal band SUNN O))) has announced writing has begun on the next album, with recording scheduled for July, preceded with the release of its earliest recording as an LP in honor of the twentieth anniversary. Downtown L.A. Rehearsal / Rifftape March 1998 is a raw recording of one of the group’s first rehearsals made on a boombox cassette deck in the Downtown Rehearsal practice room SUNN O))) shared with The Melvins and Goatsnake in March of 1998. The album is available in limited edition vinyl – 100 white, 900 black, and 500 numbered silver, the latter available via Southern Lord subscription series only; a digital version and bundle including a twentieth anniversary long sleeve shirt are also available via Bandcamp and the Southern Lord website.


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