Oct 2012 22

Suicide Commando front man attacked onstageA Das Bunker technician attacked Suicide Commando front man Johan Van Roy onstage on October 19 after Van Roy publicly insulted the light and sound show. Van Roy complained that the sound and light were “making the show shit,” after having to restart their song “BTK” three times due to mic and sound failure, as well as other glitches during the night. While Van Roy vented onstage to the audience before the Suicide Commando encore, the technician rushed on stage and shoved Van Roy to the ground.
“What an anti climax after our wonderful stay in L.A,” said Van Roy after the show. “Kinda shocked after being attacked by the light engineer, and so sorry the show got heavily disturbed. Thanks anyway to all of you for the great welcome, it’s been a pleasure meeting you, and my apologies to the Das Bunker crew who obviously couldn’t do anything about this crazy incident. In my 26 years of suicide commando i never experienced such a shit.”


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Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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  1. James says:

    I was actually there to do the same. Was disappointed someone else got to him first but it was fun to watch. Johan screamed like a little girl. Best damn thing I’Ve seen all year. Welcome to LA Johan, c’mon back for more… It’s cool… That could never happen again…. I promise. 3:-)>

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