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Sub Rosa reissues rare Coil tracks on vinylHaving long been heralded as one of the most experimental and influential musical entities, Coil’s Another Brown World / Baby Food LP will be released via Sub Rosa in late September. The LP features two rare tracks never before released on vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies in a deluxe black vinyl edition and several on marbled wax. Both tracks were written by Coil – John Balance and Peter Christopherson with Danny Hyde recording and providing additional production and mix – in London and commissioned by Sub Rosa, with “Another Brown World” originally created in 1989 for the Myths 4 – Sinople Twilight In Çatal Hüyük project, and “Baby Food” in 1993 for Chaos In Expansion. The latter track was the first to utilize Coil’s renowned “Sidereal Sound” recording process, most notably featured on the 1991 album Love’s Secret Domain.


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