Jun 2018 25

Stayte returns with fifth full-length studio album
Canadian machine/rock band Stayte has at long last announced the release of the group’s fifth full-length studio album, titled Orogenesis. Scheduled for release on July 6 and available for pre-order now via the Stayte website, Orogeneis showcases eight brand new tracks, which includes a new mix of the track “Face the Maze,” originally featured on the soundtrack to the band’s documentary Walking in the Land of Wind and Ghost in 2011. The album also includes “Dead Do Tell,” which was released as a special Halloween single in 2015. Orogenesis features guest appearances by Filter’s Richard Patrick and Yakuza’s Bruce Lamont, along with contributions from longtime collaborators Rick Warner, Pat Labuda, and Byron Slack. Also returning is artist Kimmy Coyne providing the cover and layout, having previously worked with the band on past albums Cognitive Dissonance and The Two Sisters.
Orogenesis marks the band’s first record of new material following the 2017 spoken word release of Dear God! (The Political Ramblings of Two Confused Staytesmen), and the 2013 holiday EP There Will Be Bleeps (The Destivaus 2013 EP); Stayte’s Joshua Bradford and Clayton Worbeck also wrote and produced the score for the 2014 horror movie Dead Within.


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