May 2013 22

Static-X joins forces with DMC for new videoWayne Static and hip-hop legend Darryl “DMC” McDaniels will be shooting a video for the new track “Noise Revolution.” The video will be directed by Matt Zane (Wayne Static, Zakk Wylde, Orgy, Society 1, Annihilated). “The Noise Revolution song and video is a powerful statement that shows that our art and creativity is the most important representation of the people. Working with Wayne Static and Matt Zane to knock down walls and bring people together with a positive message is inspiring and empowering!,” said DMC. The video is set to be released in late June. “The opportunity to work with a legend like DMC was a great honor and an experience like no other. We performed onstage together in Austin a while back and I hope we have more opportunities to perform together again,” said Static. “I have always believed combining different genres of music is a great way to create exciting new sounds. In fact I’ve based most of my career on combining unexpected styles in innovative ways. This collaboration with DMC is a prime example of how we can break through traditional expectations of metal and rap to create a bad ass new sound, and that is really the theme of the song for me as well. This song is a ‘Noise Revolution!'”


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