May 2015 23

Spanking Machine to launch a new sci-fi/gamer dance clubElectro/fetish act Spanking Machine has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to support the launch of a new sci-fi and gamer themed dance club in Los Angeles, CA, named Neuro Vexx. The first event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 11 in Hollywood, with plans to create multiple theme nights and host events in multiple cities around the world, renting existing venues and creating new and individual experiences. “A feeling of community happens when people are brought together by a passion – like at comic and sci-fi conventions,” states the band; “We want to bring this sense of togetherness to the club scene. Neuro Vexx will be a place where you can dress up in your favorite outfits – the ones that express who you really are – meet people who share your views and hear the latest sounds in dance music from true artists.”
The band further states, “A lot of us grew up watching futuristic clubs in sci-fi movies. We dreamed of actually going to places filled with such interesting music and people. But by the time we were old enough to be granted IDs that unlocked the golden doors of the nightclub, we walked through to discover disappointment. Corporate music. Creepy people. Not enough art or imagination. Clubs started to feel more like work parties or high school dances. We went to escape what’s wrong with the world but ended up being reminded of it. It’s time to fix this problem.”
The band also plans to DJ and perform live at Neuro Vexx, combining original live music with DJ sets featuring genres such as techno, breakbeat, psy-trance, and other underground styles. The campaign ends on June 20, with perks including downloadable DJ mixes, smart phone wallpapers and images, exclusive security access to the event, T-shirts, and meet-and-greets with Spanking Machine.

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